Sacerdotalism & Evangelicalism? Or Biblical Christianity…

Van Til,  in his book The Defense of the Faith, notes that B.B. Warfield divides Christians into two groups, sacerdotalists and evangelicals.

The issue between them concerns “the immediacy of the saving operations of God.” The church of Rome, holding the sacerdotal point of view, teaches that “grace is communicated by and through the ministrations of the Church, otherwise not.”  On the other hand, Evangelicalism “seeking to conserve what it conceives to be the only cosistent supernaturalism, sweeps away every intermediary between the soul and its God, and leaves the soul dependent for its salvation on God alone, operating upon it by immediate grace.” Cornelius Van Til, The Defense of the Faith. P&R: 1955, pg. 69-70.

I ask then, why do the two have to be mutally exclusive? I think it more accurate to state that God has indeed left the human soul dependnet on Him alone,  but through the sacraments which He has given to His Church.  In the sacraments God promises to operate upon the soul of the recipient, for better or for worse, for blessing or for cursing.