Totus Christus

I just recently received this monster book in the mail this past week, Totus Christus by Australian native Michael Bull. “This book is an unofficial introduction to the groundbreaking interpretive work of James B. Jordan and Peter Leithart – theology you can eat and drink. Over the course of the summer, and as long as time permits, my colleagues, Dr. Jack Simpson, Mr. Carl Wegner, and myself will be offering a review of this work. Mostly this review will be for the sake of the author who asked us to do so, so that he can make a great work better. It will be more of a negative review so that he can correct anything that we might find difficult to understand, or that we think he might be able to clear up better, or if we think he is straight up wrong about something. So with that, we offer to you a review of Totus Christus: A Biblical Theology of the Whole Christ.


One thought on “Totus Christus

  1. Thanks for taking the time, Michael.

    I’m sure there’s some areas where I’ve been a bit sloppy, but this stuff is so exciting to discuss, and hardly anybody’s doing it.

    I look forward to your criticism.

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