Reformed Catholicity

When we say we are “Reformed”, what does that mean? What is being “Reformed”? The Reformers understood the word as an adjective describing their catholicity. They were “Reformed Catholics.” Since then it has become a noun, we are “Reformed.” That needs to change. Moves toward ecumenism is not a bad thing, and understanding that Jesus wanted His church to be unified might help us become more unified under the banner of catholicity.

We need to stop seeing and living our Christian experience through the lens of the Liberal/Fundamentalist controversy of the early 1900’s. We need to stop attacking each other on every single possible doctrinal issue, attempting to make every other Christian church denomination or person conform to our interpretation and tradition of Scripture. The amount of energy expended on such pursuits could be put towards greater issues of importance, than whether or not someone holds to all 5 points, or views justification as forgiveness of sins instead of imputation of active obedience. Doctrine is important, we need to know the truth and teach the truth, but at what expense?

“Sorry I wasn’t feeding and clothing the poor and homeless, and loving my enemies, and working to see your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven Lord, I was too busy being engaged in meaningless theological debates that produced anger and malice amongst my fellow Chrsitian brothers and sisters. I know that you would be proud of me.”

1 thought on “Reformed Catholicity

  1. hear hear! i love your comments, i feel the exact same way! my theology professor has what he refers to as “essential” and “non-essential” theology. i feel the American church has been somewhat stalled lately over controversy. i try to examine the things in me that need to be released so that i can run my race with fire…i have enough oil for my lamp, and am fighting the inevitable sleep…peace to you! i enjoy your blog, i’ve just started one. i will add you to my blogroll, i look forward to reading and corresponding on your blog and mine.

    In Christ

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