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But the Holy Spirit has been working constantly through out the history of the Church since Pentecost, and the fact that His work looks “messy” to us is actually an indictment of us. God is perfect, but a glance at the universe shows us He is no perfectionist.        ~Doug Wilson, Reformed is Not Enough, pg. 55

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5 thoughts on “What do you think of this?

  1. I think that it is refereshing that we can count on our perfect Lord because we as humans can nver be perfect. Also because he is not a perfectionist he will never give up us.

  2. Interesting to ponder. There are two kinds of perfectionists I think of. The first is one who is very detail oriented. In this sense if I look at the universe God is the ultimate perfectionist. The more I learn study the human body the more that fact becomes real to me. The other breed of perfectionist is one who does everything themself because they know that anyone else will just screw it up. In this sense God is not a perfectionist, because he affords us the honor of serving in His kingdom. The only qualification I have for this job is the fact that God himself is working in me. Left to myself I would certainly screw up everything I ever put my hands to. My next thought is that along with God being perfect, he is perfectly working all events in order to bring every thing to perfection. This may seem to contradict my previous thought about God letting us do things, and, my head spins as I foolishly think maybe this time I will figure out how my responsibility works with God’s sovereignty…perfectly. Oh well, I guess how you take the quote depends on what exactly a perfectionist is. I would love to hear your ideas.

  3. Obviously God is perfect, and all that He does, He does perfectly the way He wanted to do it (if that’s not a cop out on my part…).But like you said, He chooses to use us for the sake of His kingdom, and yet, He is not unawares of our “messiness” and “imperfections”, but even uses us and our messy imperfections in order to bring about His perfect will. My main reason for posting this quote was simply for the sake of reaction, being that I have never heard of anyone refer to God as being perfect and yet not a perfectionist. It was suprising to say the least. Thanks for responding, it seems that only you and Ivette are the only people who read my blog….cool, what more could I ask for?

  4. I was surprised as you were, Mike, to hear that sort of language. I think I (and you) know what Uncle Doug means (that from our perspective God sure doesn’t look like a perfectionist) but I’m not sure I would feel comfortable using the phrase “God is not a perfectionist” as His own glory is His own number one goal–thus He is a perfectionist in that sense. I read something (2 things) interesting the other week, first being Frame’s review of Wilson’s “A Serrated Edge” at http://www.frame-poythress.org/frame_articles/2007WilsonReview.htm
    and second being Wilson’s response at
    I think especially the second one is a good look into Wilson’s mind as he enjoys healthy sarcasm and such devices which would seem to point to him also enjoying such things as statements which would make you and I start a bit when we first read them! I think certainly he mostly wants us to stop and think about what he is saying.

  5. “Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” – Jesus

    I don’t think you can get any more clear than that. God is perfect and He requires/inspires perfection. I think the problem is this; when we think of a ‘perfectionist’, we think of a person as being a ‘control freak’. God is not a ‘control freak’! He has allowed us to have our own free will and yes… we have definitely made things a bit messy. But somehow God still manages to exact His good, pleasing, and ‘perfect’ will. (Romans 12:2)

    So I disagree with Dougy boy. I believe scripture makes it clear that God is One who is all about perfection.


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