Theology of The Lion King

So Mufasa is the king right. But he dies. Then there is a period of time when the king’s Son is thought to be dead. Nala, when she finds out that Simba is alive, she  says it is like he is “back from the dead.” Simba then has a vision from  heaven and  hears the voice of his father telling him that he is His Son, the One  True King.

Simba, the King, then returns to his kingdom, and fights off the workers of  darkness, defeating the illegitimate king Scar, (Satan), and brings in a “New Creation.”


4 thoughts on “Theology of The Lion King

  1. Hope you don’t mind, I linked this page whilst off on a tangent discussing the Theology of The Lion King.
    cheers 🙂

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  3. I am a Children’s Pastor and thought about doing a series with the children called “Lion King Theology.” The basis is the movie Lion King and we would be using clips from the movie as a starting point to begin the message. For example, you can see in Mufasa the trinity if you can get past the hollywood spin. First He is seen as God the Father by present His Son Simba to the world (in this case the other animals.) Scripture says that when Jesus comes every knee will bow and every tongue confess Jesus is Lord. You can see that in the opening scenes. Then you see Mufasa as Jesus in the scene where He gives His life for His son. Lastly, you can see Mufasa as the Holy Spirit guiding Simba.

    There are many other scenes from the movie Lion King that I will be using to illustrate key points to Christian theology. Basically, if we can reach one child for Jesus then I will take the criticism for using a movie that was not intended for such a purpose. Either way may God be glorified!!

  4. I have watched The Lion king many times and I have nver thought of this before. After reading the thoughts above, I can see this connection – even though it may not have been intended – and when I watch it again, I will definitely think of this and look at the film in a different way.
    thank you!!

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