Rantings on…hersey, apostasy, abominations, idolatry, false teachings, etc…

There are alot of good churches out there in this country. There are alot of bad churches, bad theology, which is actually probably anthropology, and there is just alot of stuff that makes me want to scream in utter confusion.

A guy named Todd Bentley, with tatoos up and down his arms, looking like an ex-con who just realized the easiest con in the book is duping stupid Christians for all of their money, is in Lakeland, Florida “healing” people and calling it “revival”? Right. No. No false prophet here.

Osteen…nuff said.

Rob Bell and his ambiguous language talking about everything and nothing all at the same time while wasting no time in wasting your time…

Christian Pornography is now cool, I guess. Hey if it helps your marriage, who cares if God calls it “immoral.”

The disgusting marketing of literally anything and slapping a bible verse or a fish or a cross on it and selling it to Christians…PUKE!!!

all this and more can be seen at www.alittleleaven.com and at www.sliceoflaodicea.com.


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